The phone number +91-90-41205056 belongs to फ्रॉड company. The company office address: त्रिपड़ी गोलगप्पा चौक Gali 4.hose Na 510.

If you are calling from Patiala you can simply dial 9041205056.
If you are outside Patiala region, or find yourself in roaming you should put 0 in front of the number. So you should dial 90-41205056.
If you are calling from another country dial the full number with Patiala Area and India Country Codes +91-90-41205056.

Phone number+91-90-41205056
Company Nameफ्रॉड
Pin code147001
Country calling code+91
International call prefix (Exit code)00
Trunk prefix0

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